Thanks for visiting Weybach Guitars Atlanta, We are a custom guitar manufacturer serving Atlanta with “new classics”.

We also offer Guitar Repair on a limited basis locally.

The Weybach T-Deluxe and T-90 are Now Available!

We finished the prototype of our latest model and have made both models available in our shop section. If you want to try one out, or reserve one give us a call or text 678-664-43278

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Weybach T-Deluxe

We will be offering a limited run of 10 guitars. It features a one piece Cocobolo neck, Pau Ferro Top, and distinctive Thermo-Ash back.

2017 Weybach T-Deluxe Tele Style Custom Guitar

The Weybach T-90

Built for grit and growl with 2 soapbar P-90s. You can add an additional middle single coil and a 5 way switch for more tonal options.

Tele Style Electric Guitar Weybach T-90 Soapbar Blue Product Photo

Check out our first LP-Deluxe post

LP-Deluxe Proto Build

We are working on refining our process, and getting set up to offer a limited number of LP-Deluxes. Our plan is to 10 guitars with unique tone woods, lightweight design, and some modern upgrades to make a great instrument. Stay tuned, and let us know what your dream LP looks like.


See this Purple Model-T Come Together

Purple Model-T Custom

Weybach T-90 in royal purple


If you want to nerd out on how our guitars are built visit our builds section


Weybach The "Leo" Sonic Blue 62' Vintage Style Guitar

How We Do Things

Weybach guitars is all about doing things the old fashioned way, just like they did “way back” in the day. We use quality tonewoods that are hand picked, and build our necks and bodies by hand without robots. Great results can happen when a single luthier transforms raw wood into a quality instrument. We don’t rush to get instruments out the door because we respect the process too much. Give us a shout and we can put together a custom guitar to your exact specs.

Weybach offers an industry leading 3 month return policy. We want you to have time to get to know your guitar.

Call or Text 678-664-4327 to get your Weybach started today

Demo Videos

Here is a quick demo video of two recent Model-T builds

A big thanks to Nick at Soundspace for doing a demo of our original model the “Buckhead”. He starts on the overdrive channel and switches to the clean channel at the 3:11 mark. He is also located in the Goat Farm and does lessons online or in person.

Nick also gave this Minty Sonic Blue “Leo” a try. He switches from overdrive to clean at 5:30

A look inside our workshop. We do most of our fabrication on the bandsaw, planer, drill press, and router table. We use a big buffer to polish the guitars to a shiny finish. The dust collector keeps things clean. We are located in an old mill building at the Goat Farm Arts Center.

Shop Tour

We wrote a little blog post that gives you a tour of the shop, and a little info about our tools, jigs and fixtures here

Shop Tour

Weybach Woodworking Luthier Workshop in Atlanta GA 30318

Weybach Custom Guitars and Repairs Workshop Photo

Gotta Love a Blonde Model-T

This Dirty Blonde Model-T has a unique pickup combination, and was a great build. Check it out here

Dirty Blonde Model-T

Weybach Blonde Model-T Black Guard with P90s

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