Thanks for visiting Weybach Guitars. We closed the workshop in Atlanta and relocated to Colorado.

Since we are in a transitional period, we aren’t sure when new guitars are coming.

In the meantime enjoy the blog, and keep in touch on social media.

We Moved!

Info about the Move

Les Paul Style Build

We will be exploring different avenues for new builds in the future.

During the transition the builds section will remain up as a resource for other builders and hobbyists.

Weybach T-Deluxe

We detailed every aspect of building our flagship Model-T. Check out the post here

T-Deluxe Build

2017 Weybach T-Deluxe Tele Style Custom Guitar

The Weybach T-90

Built for grit and growl with 2 soapbar P-90s. You can add an additional middle single coil and a 5 way switch for more tonal options.

T-90 Build

Tele Style Electric Guitar Weybach T-90 Soapbar Blue Product Photo

Check out our first LP-Deluxe post

This build had plenty of challenges, but it turned out great. It weighs a ton, because its solid Mahogany. The knobs are all push/push so you can split coils, reverse phase, and change between series and parallel wiring.

LP-Deluxe Proto Build


See this Purple Model-T Come Together

Purple Model-T Custom

Weybach T-90 in royal purple


If you want to nerd out on how our guitars are built visit our builds section


Weybach The "Leo" Sonic Blue 62' Vintage Style Guitar

Shop Tour

A look inside our old workshop. We do most of our fabrication on the bandsaw, planer, drill press, and router table. We use a big buffer to polish the guitars to a shiny finish. The dust collector keeps things clean.

We wrote a little blog post that gives you a tour of the shop, and a little info about our tools, jigs and fixtures here

Shop Tour

Weybach Woodworking Luthier Workshop in Atlanta GA 30318

Weybach Custom Guitars and Repairs Workshop Photo

Gotta Love a Blonde Model-T

This Dirty Blonde Model-T has a unique pickup combination, and was a great build. Check it out here

Dirty Blonde Model-T

Weybach Blonde Model-T Black Guard with P90s