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A Weybach Update- July 2017

Howdy Tone Chasers,

Just wanted to do a little update post about Weybach Guitars to fill people in on whats going on around here. I’ve been working on different plans for expansion, along with some new prototypes.

What is the Vision for Weybach?

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I’ve been on a few brewery tours around Atlanta like Sweetwater and Monday Night Brewing during my 13 years living here. My dream is to build the guitar equivalent of a brewery, so customers can feel a connection to where their guitar came from. I also want it to have a really comfortable lounge for trying out different guitars, amps, and pedals, like a green room at a music venue (complete with color sorted M&Ms).

The Environment

We’d like the next shop to have a minimized environmental footprint. The biggest environmental problems are the lacquer, and the wood usage. The great thing about wood is that it is a renewable resource. I’ve decided to go the route of building a small number of amazing guitars per year. This will keep our wood consumption low every year, even if we double or triple our business. I’d would like to get closer to the source, and buy wood from domestic farmers who only use great environmental practices.

For the lacquer I’ve done some experiments with carbon sequestration for the solvents. The proof of concept worked, and when I am able to build a professional spray booth I want to incorporate that filtration. This will be a huge project, and it could be years till it can be built. Figuring out where to build it is another big variable. The cost is also something that I have to look at.

Between doing a very limited numbers of guitars, and using some other types of finishes I can keep the lacquer use to a minimum. Right now I probably use less than 2 gallons a year.

Keeping it Small

We could crank out about 50-60 guitars a year in our little shop, but it would take away from what makes these guitars special. I like being on a first name basis with Weybach owners. To keep things this way, we had to have a pretty big price increase.  We really wanted to keep them affordable, but it’s just not possible unless we start mass producing them. Even with the price increase i’d still make more money working at McDonalds. I really need feedback from you guys too. If you are thinking about having a guitar built, give me a call and tell me about your budget, specs, and what you are trying to accomplish with your music.

Thanks for reading!


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