Some of My Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Howdy Folks, Greetings from snowy Colorado.

Since we moved and I don’t have a shop to build guitars at the moment, I figured i’d dig into my record collection and post some of my favorite vinyl records for 2018.

I picked records that I consider to be amazing “sonic experiences”. They are in no particular order. Most of them are somewhat modern.

If you have a great HiFi to listen on, these will not disappoint.

To the List!

Tame Impala- Currents

This record is just plain brilliant. It’s a studio masterpiece, and its sure to blow your mind on vinyl. The music is so chill that you’ll barely be able to tell they were a “Garage Rock” band. No wonder I see someone buying it every other time i’m at a record shop.

Tame Impala Currents Vinyl- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Animal Collective- Merryweather Post

I first heard the single “my girls” in 2009 in a now defunct club in EAV (thanks @pattttycakes). It’s a killer dance track. But when you give it a listen on a great system, the details and layers come out. It’s a few years old but it holds up very well.

Animal Collective Merryweather Post Vinyl- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

White Stripes- Elephant

This one is an original from 2003, and it came with a red disc and a clear disc. I thought it would be pretty lo-fi, but I was wrong, it sounds fantastic. It’s got plenty of new classics in the track list too. I picked it up from Absolute Vinyl in Boulder.

White Strips Elephant Vinyl Original- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine

This is an original copy from 1989. It was so ahead of its time, and really stands out in the period between hair metal and grunge. The synth tones are awesome. I picked it up from Ameoba on Haight in SF.

Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine Vinyl Original- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Fever Tree

I had never heard of this band before running into this original 1968 copy at Ella Guru records in Atlanta. It’s always awesome to discover new music from an era I thought I had covered pretty well. I think its every bit as good as the more popular psychedelic hits of the day. It has a great cover of day tripper to boot.

Fever Tree Vinyl Original- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

The Horrors- Skying

I saw this band at the now closed Lenny’s Bar (“the CGBGs of Atlanta” according to Creative Loafing). They were real moody, like a punk rock version of the Cure.

This record has the moodyness, but it also has grand swirling synth sounds and great studio craft. The XL records pressing sounds great.

The Horrors Skying Vinyl- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Stereolab- Sound Dust

I loved this CD when I was a kid. I wish I had bought it on vinyl back then (an original would be worth big bucks). It kind of reminds me of Belle and Sebastian, except more french. I can’t understand a good portion of the lyrics, but the instrumentation is genius. Sound quality wise, it’s like they made it just for audiophiles. Picked up this repress at Criminal Records.

Stereo Lab Sound Dust Vinyl- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Congratulations- MGMT

I listened to this record in 2010 on digital when it came out and remember not liking it as much as their first record. I think it was just way ahead of its time. When I played it on vinyl I heard what I was missing on my phones headphones. It’s a modern trippy masterpiece.

MGMT Congratulations Vinyl Original- Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Arcade Fire- Neon Bible

This record came out in 2007, and was an instant classic. It’s kind of dark, and reminds me of Bruce Springsteen at times. There was so much ground breaking indie rock coming out at the time, and this is one of the best examples I can think of. Your stereo will enjoy playing it.

Arcade Fire Neon Bible Original Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

Jenny Lewis- The Voyager

I don’t know why this was on sale for $10 when I bought it. I think someone made a terrible mistake. Over the last 15 years I can’t think of a single thing Jenny Lewis has done that I didn’t love, and that includes “A Very Murray Christmas” on Netflix. This record can make you dance, and then move you to tears. I hope she kept that outfit, because its flawless.

Jenny Lewis The Voyager Vinyl Original Favorite Vinyl Records for 2018

There you have it. If you see any of these on your next record store trip, they will not disappoint. Maybe next time i’ll dig into some older stuff, or a specific decade. I’m open to suggestions.

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