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About Weybach

Weybach guitars is a custom guitar manufacturer focused on building instruments using a lot of classic methods and materials like they did “way back” in the day. We are all about picking a few select pieces of wood and turning them into an instrument one at a time.

Who is Bob?

Marketing gurus told us we need to hear more about Bob. This is the most we could get out of him. An open letter…

Howdy Tone Chaser,

I started tinkering with my el cheapo Epi SG before I could play “My Generation”. Guitars have captured my imagination as long as I can remember. It was a long road to get to this point. I had plenty of projects in my garage that I completely ruined. There have been plenty of necks and bodies thrown in the scrap pile.

I am still learning more every day. I spent years working as an accountant, real estate agent, and renovator before deciding to turn a hobby into a life pursuit. The best lesson I learned from my years in a cubicle farm is the value of building something real. Pushing meaningless spreadsheets around all day will pay the rent, but it won’t vibrate through your ribcage.

Something I have noticed about the best companies is that they don’t take money from unhappy people. Thats the kind of business I want to operate. When you have a customers cash in your pocket you have a responsibility to make sure they are satisfied. I’ve also come to learn not to shy away from the work. It seems like people want to get rich quickly, start the Uber of cat training, and cash out. I want to build heirlooms. A guitar company is a 100 year business, which takes grit. Good luck training cats.

Bob T

Why Weybach?

We offer our customers complete customization since we build every part of the instrument that we possibly can. Customers can watch their instrument take shape in real time with photo updates. We can shape necks and body contours to your preference and can take profiles of necks you love and recreate them.

Because we are building guitars during the day please call or text us before your visit, or inquire about our in stock instruments and pickups.

To watch progress of custom builds in real time follow @Weybach_Guitars on Instagram.


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