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Offering Atlanta Guitar Repair – Located in West Midtown near Georgia Tech

We are pleased to offer Atlanta guitar repair, mods, and tune-ups on a limited basis (we have to build new guitars too). Here are our base prices. We need to take a look at your instrument to give you an exact quote. Call/Text us and let us know how we can help (678-664-4327). Feel free to send pictures.

We mostly work with USA Fenders, Gibsons, Vintage Electrics, Semi Hollows, and Boutique Customs. Because we are also building custom guitars, we offer repairs on a limited basis. We don’t like to leave people waiting too long after they drop their guitar off. We have a coffee shop where you can hang out and wait if you are getting a quick set up done. Just schedule with us in advance.

Price Guide

  • Setups- $50 (Includes Restring, Clean and Polish, Action Adjustment, Truss Adjustment, Intonate)
  • Pickup Swaps- $80 per set
  • Bridge Re-Glue- $100
  • Handwound Replacement Pickups- $200 Installed (Strat or Tele)
  • Fret Dressing, Leveling, Crowning, Polishing- $100
  • Refretting- $250
  • Tuner Swap-$50
  • Refinish- $350

We also do guitar electronics repairs, like bad output jacks, grounding problems, and other circuit related issues.

We guarantee satisfaction with our work. Our success relies on customer happiness, it is our top priority. Check out our community on facebook or instagram to see past projects we’ve worked on. You can also read reviews on Google.

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