Build Thread- A New Weybach Model!

The Weybach Buckhead Hey folks! This is a special build for me since it is a guitar of my own design. I wanted to experiment a little bit and build something unique. Because the guitar is more fancy than the typical workhorse I build, I decided to call it the Weybach Buckhead. It is named […]

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Front of a heritage cherry red mahogany tele style electric guitar

Heritage Cherry Mahogany “Model-T”

Rich Mahogany I knew I wanted to build a few t-style guitars and I have a bunch of mahogany and sapele sitting around the shop. We don’t use much of either of these woods, but the price per board foot was pretty good so I had to pick some up. I always loved the heritage cherry color […]

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Sonic Blue ’62 “The Leo”

Getting Started on a New Classic Here we go again. A nice flamed piece of maple rough cut on the bandsaw and a nice one peice alder body. It has no knots and a very nice light weight. The customer picked sonic blue (most excellent). I forgot to take pictures of the routing process but […]

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Olympic White 62 “The Leo”

Starting a Pre-CBS Style Olympic White S-Type I documented the process of this build pretty well since it would come to be the first build under the Weybach name. The plan was to use all my research about how pre-CBS instruments were built and try to do a pretty good replica, or at least build […]

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