frequently asked questions about Weybach Guitars at The Goat Farm Atlanta

Here are some frequently asked questions

  • Do you guys build your own necks? Yes! It’s an integral part of the instrument and we love doing it.
  • How much time does it take to build each guitar? That depends on the options selected, but on average it takes 30-40 hours.
  • How much do your guitars cost? Visit Weybach.com/Shop to view our latest models (and pricing).
  • Does the guitar come with a case? Yes! We currently include a hard case with your purchase.
  • Do you guys wind your own pickups? Yes!
  • Can I use different pickups in my custom build? Yes! Just send them in when you place your order and we will install them!
  • Do you do repairs or mods? Yes! But on a limited basis, we need to devote time to building new guitars too.
  • Can I return a custom guitar? Yes! We offer a 3 month return policy.
  • Whats the deal with the Goat Farm? It’s kind of a capitalist hippy commune/industrial park. It is full of artists, craftspeople, professionals, and techies.
  • Can I come check out your shop? Yes! Just get in touch with us first.
  • How long have you been building guitars? It started out around 2012 doing mods, repairs, and partscasters from my garage.
  • How long does it take to build a guitar? It’s anywhere between 25 and 80 hours in each one. Sometimes more with planning and tooling.
  • When did you guys open your shop? We moved to the Goat Farm in Nov 2015.
  • What are your hours? They vary but are normally between 12am-7pm. We operate on an appointment basis.
  • Where do you guys buy your wood? There are a few great lumber companies around Atlanta. We use pretty much all of them.
  • Where can I try one of your guitars? Our shop, or in the comfort of your own home, on your own rig. We offer free shipping both ways.
  • Do you guys offer relics? Yes! We can dull the hardware, induce some lacquer checking, sand back the neck gloss, and knick up the finish a little.
  • Do you offer different headstock shapes? We have our own shape that identifies a Weybach. We won’t copy another manufacturers headstock.
  • Do you offer any classes? It is something we are working on. If you are interested in a class let us know.
  • Do you offer artist endorsements? Not really, but we would consider it for the right band.
  • Are you guys hiring? Not at the moment. If you are a funemployed luthier or repair tech we’d love to meet you anyway.
  • Can you do a different model of guitar? Like a semi hollow or LP? Yes, but it will be a long process with all the tooling required.
  • Why do you hate robots? We don’t, we just like doing things the old fashioned way. We will add robots to the mix someday for select tasks.
  • Is your shopping cart secure? Yes! We use Paypal for secure card processing, and have the top tier EV SSL Certificate for our website.

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